Values and Beliefs

  1. We believe that every person has something to contribute and wants to do so.
  2. We believe that all people need to belong—in a family, neighborhood, community.
  3. We believe that creativity and flexibility are required to meet a person’s wants and needs.
  4. We believe that what is important for someone’s health and safety, needs to be considered in the context of what is important to them.
  5. We believe in personal choice and control.
  6. We celebrate each person’s uniqueness.
  7. We promote self determination and interdependence.
  8. We believe all people possess extraordinary gifts and capacities.
  9. We believe in the word ‘can’.
  10. We believe that learning is a life- long process.
  11. We believe that listening is essential in getting to know someone.
  12. We believe that quality of life is not about functional abilities, it’s about being the master of your own destiny.
  13. We believe in support, not programs or slots.
  14. “We presume competence when we see, meet or think about people with disabilities”.
    ~ Kathie Snow
  15. We respect and support families/guardians in their role of primary decision makers on behalf of their minor children.
  16. We recognize the need for informal as well as formal supports.
  17. We believe that people and families should ultimately exercise control over public funding that is available to support their needs.