Additional Person Centered Training Opportunities for People with Disabilities

The Virginia Center for Self-Advocacy Leadership at the Partnership for People with Disabilities at Virginia Commonwealth University is prepared to provide information and/or training on the following topics.  If interested, please contact Val Luther at 804-827-0195, or Joan Brunner at 757-775-8381,

Becoming an Advocate for Yourself

  • My Life, My Choice -- Self-Determination
  • I Want a Good Life Workbook
  • Is Your Service Animal Ready for an Emergency
  • 14 Tips for Emergency Preparedness
  • Disasters in Virginia:  Are you ready Virginia?
  • Our Lives, Our Voices Video and Discussion Guide
  • Its All About Me Workbook

Educational Advocacy

  • I Want to Make Friends 
  • Preparing for My IEP – Its About Me
  • Age of Majority:  Transfer of Rights
  • The Benefits of Volunteering

Healthcare Advocacy

  • Alternatives to Guardianship
  • Virginia Easy Access website
  • Developing Healthcare Advocacy Skills
  • Your Right to Decide:  Living Wills 
  • Healthy Food Trivia 1
  • Healthy Food Choices: Eating Out
  • Be the Driver on the Road to Good Health
  • You and the Dentist

Systems Advocacy

  • I Need to Speak my Piece:  How to Write to your Legislators
  • How to Track a Bill in the General Assembly
  • The Virginia General Assembly
  • Self-Advocates Organize:  Self-Advocacy Leadership
  • Virginia Voices for Change
  • 10 Good Reasons Why You Should Vote
  • My Opinion Counts:  How to Become a Good Self-Advocate
  • Community Learning Experience Guide