Community Connections

Curriculum Description

Developed by Mary Lou Bourne & Michael Smull

This interactive training will provide information and skill development activities.  Helping people develop their interests, the audience will experience several techniques and tools for determining where a person might start to be connected, and how to plan for the support needed for success.   


Person Centered Thinking training developed by The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices (TLCPCP)

Who should attend:

  • Professionals and family members or other providers of support for people with developmental disabilities. 
  • Persons interested in learning tools and techniques to establish meaningful connections between members of the community and people who need support. 
  • Paid staff or support coordinators who write plans to support people in community based activities

What will be learned: 

  • Methods for determining opportunities in the community for people to belong and be welcomed.
  • Understanding the difference between attending an event, and belonging to a group; 
  • How to move from simply being present, to fully participating in the person’s own community, as he or she would define community.
  • Methods for identifying how best to support a person in activities that match their personal interests
  • Methods for establishing action plans to identify success